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What is krmerch?

Well, as the name states, it is a short form for Korean merchandise, although we are currently only focusing on Official KPOP merchandise for now, with more to come in the future!

Will purchases from krmerch contribute to Hanteo and Gaon charts?

Yes! All sales once fulfilled will contribute to the charts respectively to support your bias!

What is the currency used on krmerch?

All prices stated are in Singapore Dollars (SGD)

How do I contact you?

Telegram Channel: https://www.t.me/krmerch

Telegram Account: https://www.t.me/krmerchs

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/krmerch

Email: krmerchs@gmail.com



Please note that all products do not come with warranty. All products are sealed, official and directly from respective companies in Korea.

How long will my orders take to arrive?

The preorder waiting time varies depending on the product you order. You may check with us if you need help with this.

If you are ordering items that consist of instock and pre-order, we will only ship them out once the pre-order items have arrived to facilitate a one-time shipping process and a one time shipping rate.


How do I know my order is fulfilled and paid for?

We will automatically send out an email after the transaction is approved by the system and if there is anything that we need to follow up with, we will contact you respectively so do remember to key in a valid email address.

Additionally, you can email us at krmerchs@gmail.com if there any issues with your order and we will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

By when must I collect my order that is ready for collection?

All preorder items or instock items ordered for self collection must be collected within 2 weeks of item arrival or otherwise stated. If the item is an instock item, the 2 weeks duration starts from the date of purchase. Failure to collect within 2 weeks will result in the order to be automatically completed / confiscated and no refund or exchange can be done after the stipulated time frame. Hence, please collect your items as soon as possible.

If we still have your ordered item with us after the deadline and you wish to collect the item, a fee of $1 per day from the 2 weeks deadline will be imposed. If the item is not available anymore, we will not conduct any refunds or exchanges strictly.

What if the item that I want is not on the website?

For items that do not have the pre-order label, we unfortunately do not take any more orders for them. However, we may also be in the midst of updating our products so feel free to drop us an email at krmerchs@gmail.com and we will try our best to help you!

I am missing contents/damaged contents inside the album/merchandise I purchased. Can I get an exchange?

Unfortunately, we only sell sealed albums/merchandise. Any missing contents or damaged items in the album/merchandise would be due to production error/defect in which we are of no control of. Production errors are not in our control as we are not part of production. We seek your understanding.

Please also note that there is no warranty for lightsticks. All are official from the respective companies.

I have received a wrong product.

Please contact us within 7 days of product delivered date with an unboxing video of the parcel (it has to show the shipping label in the video on the parcel) and send it to krmerchs@gmail.com . We will get back to you as soon as possible. If an exchange would be required, the product has to be returned for the exchange to be guaranteed within 7 days. The product has to be in its original packaging, sealed and brand new for the exchange to be guaranteed. If the product is not returned in its original condition within the stipulated time frame, the exchange will not proceed. Unfortunately, if the product has been opened, an exchange will not be possible.

I have made an order, but I changed my mind.

Sorry, we do not do any refunds once order is placed unless the item is out of stock and there would be no restock for this item, and we are unable to secure the item. We have processed your order immediately after a buyer makes the order to secure the item immediately. In this case of out of stock, you will be granted full refund. If an item is out of stock currently but a restock would be coming up, and we have noted in the description box of the item that there would be no estimated date of the new restock while you had decided to proceed with the preorder and needed to wait, we cannot do a refund as we would have already placed an order for your item. Hence, do confirm your order before placing an order. We strictly do not do cancellations of orders.

For any orders that are applicable for a cancellation on preorder on case by case basis, ONLY store credits may be issued.

I am missing contents in my order.

Please email us the unboxing video proof of the parcel (it has to show the shipping label in the video on the parcel) to krmerchs@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that with no unboxing video proof, no actions will be taken.

Please also note that there is no warranty for lightsticks. All are official from the respective companies.

I would like to cancel my order.

We strictly do not do cancellations of orders, unless the item is out of stock. Hence please confirm before placing an order.

My Lightstick is not working as per how it should work.

Please rest assured that all products are official, and are sealed from the respective companies in Korea. All products do not come with warranty, including lightsticks. If there is any issue with the lightstick, we will need an unboxing video which includes the opening of the parcel, including the address, waybill shown in the video and nothing should be cut out of the video. This is to ensure that the lightstick is from our store. Please note that due to multiple counterfeit lightsticks in the market, this is the only way we can ensure that the lightstick is sent from krmerch. If any of these are excluded from the video, krmerch reserves the right to refuse to help to ask the respective companies for an exchange. Please also note that there are strictly no refunds, and exchanges are subjected to the respective companies in Korea's discretion.

Do I Need a poster tube for my order?

It is optional. If your order has a poster, we will roll it in the poster tube if you purchased a tube. Otherwise, posters will be folded. Please also note that posters are only given with the albums if they are preordered before their respective release dates.



How do I know if my payment has been approved?

If you are paying using Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, Apple Pay or Google Pay, payment will need to be made at the point of checkout for the full amount.

What if the ATM did not print out a receipt?

Do take note of the date and time of the payment and contact us immediately so that we can check the payment for you!

It will help to facilitate the process as well if you can send your order number for easier tracking.



What delivery method will you be using?

We will be using Singapore Post, Ninja Van, Qxpress, J&T, Speed Post, DHL Express, for both local and overseas shipping. 

How long does it take to receive my parcel?

Parcels will be sent within 5 working days after order is placed.

Local Shipping (Singapore): Estimated 1-5 working days after the parcel is sent.

International Shipping: During this pandemic period, please note that all parcels may subject to delays at custom, unexpected delays due to pandemic situations. Due to any unforeseen circumstances, there is no estimated time during this period. We will ship it out as soon as possible.

**Delays expected due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Are parcels subjected to tax/customs?

Tax/Customs depend on the shipping destination. Do note that this will be charged by the customs to receiver if imposed in any case, and receiver has to pay to receive the parcel. You may check on the import country’s custom rules. We do not collect any tax on behalf of customs. In the event the receiver (customer) refuses to pay the tax billed by the customs, the parcel will not reach the receiver and there is NO REFUNDs on that. Please check the import tax based on the destination country's import law before purchasing. krmerch is not responsible for any import lax tax/custom fees.

What courier companies does krmerch use to ship my parcel?

Singpost, Qxpress, DHL Express, J&T express.

Certain countries only have the option of DHL express. DHL express is highly recommended due to the reliability of the courier service.

Tracked shipping (Singpost/Qxpress) is not recommended due to the high transit time, limited tracking information, or loss of parcel. It is only offered for customers that prefer a more affordable shipping cost. However, selecting Tracked Shipping as the shipping method for your order holds a risk of the mentioned above and the risks will have to be beared by the buyer if the buyer selects this shipping method.

Use the links below to track your package delivery.





How do I track my order once it has been shipped?
The tracking number is attached to your order when shipped. Check junk/spam folder in email if necessary.

Click on the tracking link and input the tracking number if necessary.
For Qxpress tracking, input the tracking number starting with 'C'

Once it has departed sender nation (Singapore), a new tracking number will be attached to the tracking link on the top left. Use that new tracking number to track on the new tracking link on Singpost, stating :

Parcel Departed from Sender Nation
Click here for view more detail

Please wait for a few days for information to be updated if necessary.

Tracking number of Item not found in system?

Please wait for a while for it to show up, as the item could be just shipped and pending to scan into system.

What if my products are damaged?

The outbox is used to protect the actual product. Please note that we do not offer exchange or refund due to damages on the outbox.

The outer case is just for protecting goods. (dents/tears/scratches/discoloration on the case cannot be the reason for exchanging or refunding, returning)

We only replace items if they are defective that are NOT due to shipping processes. Items are checked thoroughly before they are shipped out. All Merchandise would be protected before shipping is done. However, in the event the product is damaged due to the shipping courier process, we are not liable for that as it is out of our control, and there are instances of poor handling by courier.

Any issues with parcels have to be raised within 7 days of the parcel marked delivered on tracking.

You may send us an email at krmerchs@gmail.com to check if your order is liable for an exchange. If it is possible for an exchange, we will send you the address you should mail the parcel to, which return shipping fees would have to be covered by you. Please note that any returns/exchange not approved by krmerch will not be entertained if you make your own return without any approval.

Only regular priced items may be exchanged for store credits/exchanged for a new piece, unfortunately, sale items cannot be refunded/exchanged.

The parcel has to be returned to krmerch within 21 days of return approval, any later would not be entertained.

Do note that any returns will be exchanged for store credits in voucher form only, not refunds.

I have not received my parcel after weeks!

Kindly note that we have opted for tracking on all our deliveries so you can try to check with the tracking number given to you. Parcels are subjected to delays depending on the courier service in your country/unforeseen circumstances.

As we have use tracked shipping to reduce the chances of lost parcels, any lost parcels are uncontrolled by us once we have shipped them out. We are not responsible for any parcels once they are not in our hands. For lost parcels, only the amount that is covered by the shipping courier or the item value, whichever is lower, would be able to be refunded to you. Please note that any lost parcels are out of our control.


Do note that we do not do refunds in situations such as: Incomplete Address, Unclaimed, Refused, Wrong Address, No such Address. This is a case to case basis. If the item is rejected due to components inside the parcel, we will only be able to refund item fee, (shipping fee cannot be refunded as it has been shipped once). If item returns with damages, 80% item fee & 20% store credit is refunded. However, if the parcel was rejected due to Incomplete Address, Unclaimed, Refused, Wrong Address, No such Address, Failed Delivery or any Buyer's address Issue etc, Another shipping fee has to be collected before we can ship again. Hence, do ensure your address is full with postal code correctly.

**If parcel is damaged after returning back to us (returned to us for reason due to seller's fault), however, we cannot refund you the full item price, 50% of item price will be refunded, shipping fee cannot be refunded as it has been shipped once. If not, another shipping fee can be paid for, for the same product to be shipped again. If parcel is returned and damaged due to buyer's Incomplete Address, Unclaimed, Refused, Wrong Address, No such Address, Failed delivery or any Buyer's address Issue etc, item fee cannot be refunded, and another shipping fee has to be paid for to be shipped again. If shipping fee is not paid by 2 weeks of the email notification, item will be treated as abandonment and unclaimed after.

My parcel is Lost in transit.

Unfortunately, we are out of control of any misfortunate events occurred during shipping. We would be able to help to open a claim from the postal service for the lost parcel. However it does not guarantee a claim. If the postal service compensates us for the lost parcel, would we then be able to refund the amount. Please note that this is out of our control.

krmerch Account

Why do I have to create an account?

We encourage you to create an account to shop on krmerchs so that you do not have to fill up the same information repeatedly and also provides ease of access to your orders for tracking!

Not to mention, we also have a KRewards Loyalty Program that rewards you with 10 KRep for every $1 spent in the shop! These points can also be used to claim storewide discounts and vouchers!

What if I forget my account or password?

Do try to reset your password to recover your account. If that is not possible, unfortunately we are unable to recover the account for you but if you have any existing orders, you can still try to email us at krmerchs@gmail.com to check on the details.

Can I create more than one account?

We are not able to stop you from doing so, but we strongly discourage this as it is unfair to other customers. Anyway, by using one account, you can accumulate KRep which can be used to redeem awesome rewards!



For any additional details, do contact us at krmerchs@gmail.com OR instagram.com/krmerch OR t.me/krmerchs