Collection: Lucky Draw

Each quantity of the lucky draw purchased grants you 1 chance in the respected lucky draw you've chose.

Purchasing 1 lucky draw ticket does not guarantee a definite win in the lucky draw. However, purchasing more lucky draw tickets will grant you a higher chance of winning.

It will be randomly generated among all those that purchased the ticket for that item, and the winner will walk away with that prize. Do check out the other items up for lucky draw as well.

Results will be announced on our Instagram Live, every Sunday (time will be announced - SGT).

Shipping fee will be pre-charged at check out (International buyers OR Singapore buyers that opt delivery).

In the event that you are not the winner, the shipping fee WILL be refunded, but the item lucky draw ticket fee will not be refunded.

*International buyers -> If you have purchased more than 1 ticket chance, the shipping fee is automatically charged based on quantity. In the event you've won this lucky draw, the excess shipping that was charged previously due to the quantity purchased will be refunded upon shipping. Do not worry!


The items up for lucky draw are also available for individual purchase without lucky draw on their respective posts. In the event that the product was sold before the end of the lucky draw, the lucky draw for that product will be cancelled and the item fee & shipping fee WILL be refunded to those that participated.

Good Luck!

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