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[Female Groups] Official KPOP Merchandise Grab Bags

[Female Groups] Official KPOP Merchandise Grab Bags

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*This listing is for Female KPOP groups. If you are interested in Male KPOP Groups, please view other listing!

What are Grabbags? 

Basically a bag full of your favourite artists merchandise! (All strictly Official Merchandise only)

More importantly, we're sure you like surprises~

A Grab bag is also a form of surprise since you won't know what you will get till you receive them! excited?

It will definitely be worth the price you are paying for than purchasing individually and spending that same amount.

Birthdays/Parties coming up?

Great to get as a gift for yourself or your friends 😊

*Price: Any price that you would like above the amount we offer here, you can contact us directly for more queries

Every Grab bag contains different items so buy with your friends and share! Return buyers would not need to worry about receiving the same merchandise in the Grab bag.

Definitely, the higher price you pay, the more and better items you would receive!

Some OFFICIAL merchandise possible to find in your grab bag:
- lightstick / concert merchandise / autographed merchandise / t shirt
- album / posters
- photobook / photo album / photocard / postcard / polaroid / photoset
- standees / bottles
- stickers / badges / lholder
- & other limited edition merchandise
(too many to list) etc. & other items will not be revealed 😉
Definitely worth it! we have many returning buyers 😊

Grab yours before it’s gone!

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