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[NCT] Artist Birthday Necklace : Happy Birthday! Shotaro

[NCT] Artist Birthday Necklace : Happy Birthday! Shotaro

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-Item: Necklace
-Material: METAL + RHODIUM Plating (3mils), STONE
          METAL + GOLD Plating (3mils), STONE
Stone: about 2mm CRYSTAL STONE
Size (CM): 15x10
Chain size (CM): 45 + 5 

[FROM SM] This product is made after order is submitted. Cancellations/exchanges/refunds are not accepted after payment. Please note before purchase.
[Birthday Necklace FAQ] - From SM

Q: My necklace broke during wear.
A: Birthday necklaces come in a round chain link that is soldered to prevent breakage. However, excessive force or pulling may still cause breakage. Such cases are not eligible for exchange or return.

Q: My necklace is discolored.
A: Birthday bracelets are plated with metal and coated with a transparent finish to prevent discoloration. This finish may oxidize from exposure to sodium or humidity, and discoloration can occur in varying degrees depending on your environment. To prevent further discoloration, please follow the care instructions provided, wipe with a soft cloth after wear, and store in an airtight container along with a moisture absorbing pack.

Q: The rhinestone placement seems off.
A: Because all birthday necklace rhinestones are placed by hand, placements may slightly vary by product. If the rhinestone has fallen off or is severely misplaced, the necklace is eligible for exchange or return.
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