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Super Junior

[SUPER JUNIOR] Selfie Book

[SUPER JUNIOR] Selfie Book

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- Official SUM SMTown Merchandise

1. Composition: Super Junior Selfie Book Vol. 1 (240p)
2. Size: 98 x 136 (mm)

'SELFIE BOOK: SUPER JUNIOR' is a mini photo book that organizes the preparation process of Super Junior's new album 'Time_Slip' released on October 14th. Until the shooting, the members are expected to get a good response with various pictures taken by themselves.

In particular, 'SELFIE BOOK: SUPER JUNIOR' included the comments of the members who wrote the appreciation for each photo, adding to the fun.

Previously, Super Junior finished the military archipelago after about 10 years and officially released the 9th album 'Time_Slip' on October 14th, including the 1st place on various music charts, 1st place in the iTunes Top Album Chart in 32 regions and the largest music in China. The company has proved its global popularity by ranking first in the QQ music album sales chart on the site.

In addition, since the reality 'Shuju Returns 3', which contains the preparation process for the regular 9th album comeback, was greatly loved by exceeding the cumulative view of 27 million views, the attention is also expected to 'SELFIE BOOK: SUPER JUNIOR'.

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